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Lyrics - Amitabh Bhattacharya

Movie - Lootera

क्या कभि सवेरा लाता है अँधेरा सूखी सिहाई देती है गवाही सदियों पुरानी ऐसी एक कहानी

रह गयी रह गयी अनकही - २

क्या कभी बहार भी पेशगी लाती है आने वाले पतझढ़ की

बारिशें नाराज़गी भी जाता जाती हैं कभी कभी अम्बर की

पत्ते जो शाखों से टूटे बेवजह तो नहीं रूठे हैं सभी ख्वाबों का झरोखा सच था या धोका माथा सेहला के निंदिया चुराई सदियों पुरानी ऐसी एक कहानी रह गयी रह गयी अनकही - २ This song had me gripped from the time when I first heard it and continue to do so even today. In fact I would recommend the entire album which is filled with such underrated gems of meaningful and deeply poetic lyrics . I think the very attempt of trying to explain the lyrics is making me guilty of robbing it of its poetry and depth. My words cant describe the slow hum, the haunting beats which onsets a flood of emotions. The love that is expressed via the different tuning of instruments cant ever be put into words. So with acceptance of my own limitations with vocabulary i present to you this heart wrenching song. Enjoy it on a light rainy day in the natural light, sitting under a tree or sipping tea while it traverses a path within you or lulls you to sleep. This song is sung in third person. It is trying to tell us of an old and forgotten tale of loss and doom. The theme centres on empty promises and draws contradiction between the apparent and the actuality. It implores us to ponder if the blossoming of the spring has ever brought about an impending fall. And that sometimes the pouring of the rains could be due to the skies whimpering. The leaves that fall during the autumn might have a reason for being upset.That the dreams the duo had were real or a mere illusion/deception? That someone pretending to comfort us to sleep could actually be responsible for depriving us of it. That tale of such deceit was left untold. Well composed and beautifully rendered!


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